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Reverse Mortgage Blog

Using a Reverse Mortgage to Pay off Your Current Mortgage

June 6, 2024
Senior Homeowners can refinance into a HECM and eliminate mortgage payments

What happens at the end of a reverse mortgage's life?

June 1, 2024
understanding what to do when the last borrower or non-borrowing spouse no longer lives in the home is important

How Emily & Steve right-sized their home with a reverse mortgage

April 3, 2024
HECM reverse mortgages can be used to purchase; here's one success story!

Navigating the death of a spouse with a Reverse Mortgage

March 27, 2024
This is a story of how woman got her finances organized after her husband's death

When/How Does the Reverse Mortgage Get Paid Off?

January 26, 2024
Senior Matters: I want to understand what happens with my reverse mortgage in the end

Explore More in Retirement

November 24, 2021
make the most of your retirement

How a Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit Works

October 22, 2021

How Pauline used her Reverse Mortgage to stay in her Condo

September 27, 2021
LESA - life expectancy set aside helps people afford their home

How Mike used a reverse mortgage to purchase his dream house!

September 17, 2021
HECM4P (home equity conversion mortgage for purchase) is a great way to purchase a home

Gaining Certainty in an Uncertain Time

March 30, 2021
a reverse mortgage may be just the right thing to help make retirement more comfortable
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