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Renee Duval Reverse Mortgages

Renee Duval

Reverse Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS #97967

 (603) 255-5110



Find the best reverse mortgage deals in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Renee Duval and Bookend Lending are one of beautiful Nashua’s most reliable teams to seek out if you’re looking for top quality advice on reverse mortgages – from Litchfield to Lowell and across Hillsborough County.

Renee is a star of the housing finance industry, having worked in it for 35 years.

She joined has been a loan officer in 2018 and is now excited to offer New Hampshire seniors the chance to live a more comfortable retirement with a life-changing reverse mortgage.

The first thing that will strike you when you meet Renee is her warm and caring manner.

First and foremost, she listens, so that she can tailor the ideal reverse mortgage specifically to her clients’ needs.

Renee was born in Nashua, raised in Merrimack and has enjoyed many long, hot summers in Hampton and Rye.

It goes without saying, she knows New Hampshire and its property market intimately.

She married a man from Manchester and lived and worked in Concord for 15 years before recently relocating to the Lakes Region.

Her family was originally from Massachusetts and she has relatives dotted all over the state.

She really is a legend of the local lending industry.

What is a reverse mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is such a brilliant loan product because it can instantly solve the problems of seniors who feel themselves being backed into a financial corner.

No-one likes being forced out of their home and having to sell because they can’t afford to stay.

Nashua, New Hampshire
Caption: Nashua, New Hampshire. Credit: Flickr

For seniors at least 62 years of age who have equity in their home yet find themselves in financial difficulty, a reverse mortgage can erase all of their problems.

That’s because it turns that equity into a brand new income stream!

Worries about having to sell up evaporate and retirees can start planning to live their sunset years with some swagger rather than having to save every penny.

Funds can be made available in a number of different ways including a line of credit, monthly installments, a lump sum or a combination of all three.

As long as the terms of the loan are met, it does not require repayment until either the homeowner sells or the last surviving borrower passes away.

It’s one of the shrewdest ways homeowners can enjoy their retirement with a level of financial security they may not have dreamed possible.

House prices have risen significantly in the last couple of years and Nashua continues to appreciate with a climb of 7 percent in the last 12 months taking average returns to $412,316* (

Already, 612 residents in and around Nashua have purchased a reverse mortgage with 31 taking up the option in the last 12 months*.

About Nashua, New Hampshire

Once a part of Massachusetts, a relocated boundary with New Hampshire in 1741 saw the town of Dunstable split in two.

The half on the New Hampshire side adopted the name Nashua in 1836 after the local river.

The river was named by the Nashuway Indians of Lancaster and means “beautiful stream with a pebbly bottom”.

The worldwide known Nashua Corporation was founded in the city in 1849.

Textile mills maintained the town in the 19th century but moved south during the Great Depression until defense and later home video game production underpinned the city's revival.

Today, Nashua punches above its weight on the education front, home to seven colleges housing more than 13,000 students - not bad for a city of little more than 90,000.

It all happens within an hour of downtown Boston, New Hampshire’s beaches and the region’s spectacular lakes and mountains.

And it seems many others are looking on with envy.

In 2022, Nashua was named one of the best places to live in America by Money magazine for the third time!

The 1.6 mile-long Riverwalk loop is a feature of the city center.

Contact your Nashua reverse mortgage lender today.

Renee and her Bookend Lending team are looking forward to helping anyone who thinks a reverse mortgage might be right for them.

Please call her today at (603) 255-5110 and she will be only too pleased to help in any way she can.

*As at February 2023


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